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Can You Remove Ceiling Mould?

technician investigating mould on roof of home with homeowner

Mould growth in any area of the home is unsightly, let alone on the ceiling.  

Not to mention, it’s usually a sign of a bigger issue at hand.  

So, if you spot mould on the ceiling, you’ll want to remove it as quickly as possible and identify what’s causing it to stop it in its tracks. 

Here, we’ll show you the safest way to remove mould from the ceiling, what not to do, what causes it and how to prevent it.  

So, Can You Remove Mould From A Ceiling?

Yes, but you probably won’t achieve the results you’re after with a DIY solution.  

Removing large patches of mould from the ceiling yourself will not only be ineffective, it can also put your health at risk.

While there are plenty of DIY methods out there, such as vinegar and commercial mould killers, they fail to address what’s causing the mould in the first place. Meaning they’ll only act as a temporary solution, allowing the mould to continue to return, time and time again 

Not to mention, the uncomfortable manual labour involved with scrubbing a ceiling.  

So, what should you do if you come across large spots or patches of mould on your ceiling? 

The Best Way To Remove Ceiling Mould

If you come across large or persistent patches of mould on the ceiling, the best and safest thing to do it seek out the help of a professional mould remediation service.  

A reputable remediation service will not only safely and effectively remove the mould from your ceiling, they’ll identify what’s causing it and how to best prevent it from returning.  

Not to mention, calling in these services early can save you thousands in the long run by identifying an infestation before it becomes a serious issue.  

What NOT To Do

There’s a lot of conflicting information on the internet on the most effective way to remove mould from the ceiling. To avoid making the problem worse, you’ll want to stay away from: 

  • Using bleach, or bleach-based mould products. Bleach cannot penetrate porous materials like ceilings, allowing the mould membrane to continually grow. It will also only remove the colour from the mould, rather than the mould itself.  
  • Attempting to remove large patches of mould. Removing anything larger than the palm of your hand yourself risks spreading mould spores throughout the home.  
  • Doing nothing. Mould starts to grow within 24 hours, so the longer mould is left to grow on your ceiling, the greater the cost of treatment can become, not to mention the health risks.  

Is Mould On The Ceiling Dangerous?

Small spots or patches of mould on the ceiling are typically harmless 

However, mould affects everyone differently. For some people, exposure may result in no symptoms at all, for others, it may result in a severe reaction. 

So, to prevent any potential mould exposure symptoms, try to address and remove a mould issue on the ceiling as soon as you come across it.  

What Causes Mould To Grow On The Ceiling?

Where there’s moisture, there’s mould.  

So, if the conditions are right and the ceiling is damp, dark and lacks adequate ventilation, mould will likely appear. 

As we’ve mentioned, mould on the ceiling is usually a sign of a larger issue at hand such as: 

  • Leaking pipes or roofs 
  • High condensation as a result of cooking and showering  
  • Poor ventilation throughout the home 
  • Flooding or water damage 
  • Drying wet clothes inside 

Find out more about what causes mould here 

How To Prevent It

You’ll need to focus on controlling moisture and allowing plenty of ventilation and natural light.  

Some simple steps you can take to prevent mould growth on the ceiling include: 

  • Regularly open windows and allow for plenty of ventilation throughout the property 
  • Turn on exhaust fans when cooking and showering 
  • Fix any plumbing issues as soon as possible 
  • Dry wet clothes outside when the weather permits 

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