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MouldMen’s specialises in Microbial Testing & Mould Analysis to help you stay on top of mould. So you can maintain a safe, healthy and mould-free property.

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Mould Testing, Reporting & Analysis Services

Mould can turn nasty if it’s not dealt with. Whether you’ve noticed mould in your property or are noticing recurring health concerns, our Microbial Testing and Mould Analysis services determine the type and spore count present in your property. We will focus on the cause and severity of mould growth, featuring thermal imaging, moisture and humidity readings, air and surface testing and specialised sample analysis. It will also detail technician findings and recommendations as well as a transparent quote for remediation.

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Fast, Effective and Safe Mould Remediation

Don’t ignore the signs of mould. MouldMen will investigate and determine the cause and severity of your mould problem and remediate the issue. When you book with MouldMen, you get:

Same-day service:

Our technicians will treat and remove mould from your home, removing 99.99% of all mould spores and odours. And we finish the same day we start.

100% safe & environmentally friendly treatment:

Our treatment solution is non-irritant, water-soluble and naturally biodegrades in 48 hours. No need to worry about chemical lingering in your home or belongings.

Competitive, fair and transparent prices:

We provide clear recommendations with competitive, fair prices. No added bills down the line.

Friendly, local technicians:

A mould removal team coming into your home can be overwhelming, but not with MouldMen. Our local technicians are polite, presentable and professional, so you and your occupants can feel safe and comfortable during your property inspection.

We Can Remove Even the Most Stubborn Mould

But don’t take our word for it, the results speak for themselves. Drag the slider from the photo below to see result.

Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
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At your convenience, one of our local technicians will inspect your home and provide you with a free comprehensive report. Our findings will include the cause of the mould, photos, moisture and humidity readings, mould spore analysis, recommendations for treatment and a transparent quote.

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Mould FAQ's

Have you found mould in your home? Here are some questions we hear every day.

There are 1000s of mould species in existence, some are more dangerous than others. Specialised Microbial Testing & Mould Analysis will determine the type and severity of mould so you can take immediate action to prevent further growth.

Failure to understand the type of mould species in your premises may risk the health of patrons, occupants and workers. Especially among children, elderly members of the public and those with existing allergies and compromised immune systems. If mould is left unchecked, untreated and unidentified, then this can pose a health and even a public liability risk if it is not inspected and remediated.

Leaving mould unchecked, unidentified and untreated is often more costly than the cost of remediation. Structural damage and decay are serious issues that can occur from untreated mould growth, especially in dark or humid areas. This may cause entire sections or structures in need of replacement as a result of severe mould damage.

Restaurants, construction sites, commercial properties and rental properties may also face health regulation compliance risks. Failure to do so can lead to severe health concerns for members of the public. This is why regular testing, treatment and removal of mould is essential for passing OH&S inspections and maintaining the health and safety of patrons, workers and occupants.

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