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We understand the difficulty of balancing landlord expectations and tenant demands when mould issues arise. With priority booking and same-day service, we get mould issues off your desk, quickly and painlessly.

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Avoid Tenancy Disputes, Broken Leases & Vacant Properties

The longer mould is left, the greater the cost of treatment can become, not only financially, but in your workload as a property manager. Having a property inspected by MouldMen is free, the findings, however, could be very valuable. Learn more below.

We Take Care of Mould, So You Don't Have To

When you’re responsible for 100+ properties, mould issues in even just a small percentage of your portfolio can quickly spiral into an admin nightmare to resolve. We help our property manager clients reduce the risk of this occuring, with priority booking and same-day mould removal as standard. We aim to make the process as easy as possible by following your internal processes, including working with real estate portals if necessary. Not to mention sending out automatic updates throughout the different stages of remediation so you are kept informed at all stages of treatment.

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Priority Mould Removal

We Ease Your Tenants Fears, Without Stepping on Your Toes

MouldMen understand the juggle of balancing the demands of occupants and landlord expectations. And we won’t step on your toes. We work directly with tenants to free up your schedule, but will never share any information that may be deemed as counterproductive or sensitive to you, our client. How our friendly technicians liaise with tenants also significantly eases their fears, especially if they have been relying on internet searches to diagnose their own mould issues. Simply send through a work order or request a free inspection, our technicians will handle the rest.

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It's Easy to Book an Inspection with MouldMen

To book your free inspection, simply send through a work order to our team, including any access details and photos of where mould is evident. We will organise the inspection directly with your tenants at a time that is convenient for them. At the conclusion of the inspection, a findings report and transparent quote will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Once we receive written approval, we can begin to schedule a suitable time for treatment with your tenants directly. It’s that easy.

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Our Mould Removal Process is Fast, Effective & Disruption Free

Our mould removal treatment includes a 2-part process to hand remove all spores and a 100% safe, non-irritant misting treatment solution to eradicate all remaining spores and odours. Tenants only need to vacate the property for the duration of treatment and 2 hours afterwards. Our invoice completion report will be sent on the same day. No back-and-forth disruptions.

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Our Free Inspection Process Makes it Easy

Getting rid of mould doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. Simply fill out our free inspection form, we’ll organise a suitable time to meet at the property at your earliest convenience and our technicians will take care of the rest.
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Step One

Reach Out To Us

Call, email or submit a website form and one of our friendly staff will contact you to schedule a convenient time for your inspection.


Step Two


We’ll arrive on time to complete thorough visual inspection, record moisture and humidity readings, and identify moisture sources and the likely cause of the mould.

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Step Three

Report & Quotation

We will generate an image based report specific to your property, provide treatment recommendations and an affordable quotation to remove the mould.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you or one of your tenants has found mould, chances are you have a few questions. Here are some we hear every day.

If a tenant fails to take precautions or preventative measures to inhibit mould growth in a rental property, then they will likely responsible for remediating mould damage. This may include not allowing natural light or airflow throughout the property or failure to inform the landlord of water damage or ongoing leaks.

On the other hand, if the landlord has not fulfilled their landlord obligations that has led to an inhabitable premises, then they are responsible. This may include failing to repair leaks or water damage, failure to clean the premises before a tenant moves in or a failure to repair rising damp.

Yes, but not for long. When we treat the property we only need tenants to vacate the property for the duration of treatment and for three hours afterwards. No need to worry about finding somewhere to stay overnight. This is because we use a non-irritant, water-soluble misting treatment to remove up to 99.99% mould spores and odours. It’s food, kid, pet and plant safe and naturally biodegrades completely after 48 hours.

As a natural part of our ecosystem that feeds off moisture, it is almost impossible to permanently remove mould from the home. In saying this, the best way to minimise mould growth is to keep all areas of the house dry, ensure regular airflow throughout the home and clean any spills or water damage promptly.

Understandably, there is no set price for mould removal. Every property is different when it comes to the severity and type of mould, to the equipment required for effective remediation. Luckily, our free inspection process ensures that you receive a detailed findings report outlining everything you need to know about the extent and cost of remediation before we get started. No need to worry about hidden add-ons – we’ll give you transparent findings backed by a fair price.

Either way, the cost of leaving the mould to grow and spread around the property is far greater than having it addressed. Tenant disputes, broken leases and vacant properties are all risks that can be avoided if mould is treated accordingly.

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