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Water damage often leads to mould growth and needs to be dealt with quickly and professionally to avoid health risks and structural damage to your property.

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Inhibit Mould Growth & Restore Your Home to It's Pre Mould State

Flooding and water damage from leaks or heavy rain is the fastest way to disrupt air quality and introduce mould into the home. MouldMen’s water damage services inhibit mould from spreading, saving your home and belongings from further damage. Our friendly technicians will come to your home at your convenience and assess any areas we can restore back to its original condition using our specialised drying equipment. Any items that are beyond repair will be discarded using our cut and removal process.

Dehumidification & Structural Drying Services
When it Comes to Mould, Trust the Experts

At MouldMen, we can help restore your property back to its pre-mould state and prevent mould from entering the home and damaging your property. Simply contact our team and we’ll organise the rest for fast, effective water damage remediation. When you book with MouldMen, you get:

Competitive, fair and transparent prices:

We provide clear recommendations with competitive, fair prices. No added bills down the line.

Friendly, local technicians:

A mould removal team coming into your home can be overwhelming, but not with MouldMen. Our local technicians are polite, presentable and professional, so you can feel safe and comfortable in your home.

We Take Care of You After Treatment:

We don’t just take care of water damage, we offer a complete remediation process. We’ll also provide you with a detailed Mould Management and Prevention Plan tailored to your home.

Minimal Interruption to Your Life:

If your property needs mould removal treatment, we only need you to vacate the property for the duration of treatment and three hours afterwards. No need to stay elsewhere for the night or reorganise your life.

Our Process Works

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Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
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At your convenience, one of our local technicians will inspect your home and provide you with a free comprehensive report. Our findings will include the cause of the mould, photos, moisture and humidity readings, mould spore analysis, recommendations for treatment and a transparent quote.

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Mould FAQ's

Have you found mould in your home? Here are some questions we hear every day.

Off or damp smells often present in and around the home before any visible signs of mould appear. If the smell is localised to one room or area, check for any damp surfaces, ring-shaped water marks or leaks behind walls, ceilings or roof spaces. Other signs may include bulging or cracking paint on the walls or a noticeable discolouration growing through surfaces.

Mould can begin to set in and grow within as little as 48 hours, so it’s important to take immediate action to dry out and clean the area. If the problem comes back, you may be dealing with an ongoing leak that needs to be addressed.

If you have suffered from extensive or severe water damage, you may need structural drying equipment and dehumidifiers to control the moisture in the air. This may take up to several weeks to complete. It’s best to call in a professional team to take care of water damage, restoration and removal as well as remediating any mould problems occurring as a result of water damage.

If you notice mould growing in the home as a result of water damage, your instinct is to probably remove it. If you see mould colonies begin to spread any bigger than the size of your hand, call in a professional team. Attempting to remove mould can be dangerous to your health and risk spreading it further around the house. Water damage can severely disrupt the air quality of the home, making it almost impossible to remediate and prevent mould growth without a professional mould remediation company.

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Simply click the "book a free inspection” button below, fill out your details and we will arrange a convenient time for a qualified technician to complete a free inspection of your property. The result of the inspection will be outlined in a comprehensive report which will include detailed findings, images, moisture and humidity readings, treatment recommendations and a quote.
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