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Since 2011, MouldMen has been committed to creating safer and healthier Australian homes. Learn why 1000s of Sydneysiders choose us below.

Fast, Same Day Mould Removal

We have local technicians throughout Greater Sydney ready to provide an effective same-day service, so you can get back to living in a mould-free property sooner. You only need to vacate your home for the duration of treatment and 2 hours afterwards. 

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A Sydney Mould Remediation Company You Can Trust.

In between the dodgy operators, one-man bands and mould scare tactics, we are the real deal. You can rely on MouldMen to provide a professional remediation service, at a fair and transparent price. Read some of the other reasons we are rated Sydney’s best mould removal company below.

We remove 99.99% of mould spores & odours

We treat your property thoroughly using a safe, two-part hand-removal and misting treatment process so you know your mould problem is gone for good.

Minimal Interruption to Your Life

We know Sydneysiders have fast-paced & busy lifestyles. So, we make sure our treatment has minimal impact on your schedule. We only need you to vacate the property for the duration of treatment and three hours afterwards. 

100% safe & environmentally friendly treatment

Our treatment solution is non-irritant, water-soluble and naturally biodegrades in 48 hours. No need to worry about chemicals lingering in your home.  

Competitive, fair and transparent prices

We provide clear recommendations with competitive, fair prices. No added bills down the line.

Friendly, local technicians

A mould removal team coming into your home can be overwhelming, but not with MouldMen. Our local technicians are polite, presentable and professional, so you can feel safe and comfortable during your property inspection. 


We Take Care of You After Treatment

We don’t just remove the mould, we’ll also provide you with a detailed Mould Management and Prevention Plan tailored to your home. 

Our Recent Mould Removal Results in Sydney

We can remove even the most stubborn mould from your property. But don’t take our word for it, the results speak for themselves. View below. 

Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services
Dehumidification & Structural Drying ServicesDehumidification & Structural Drying Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested to know more? Here are some questions we hear every day. 

Small spots of mould that you see in-between tile grout is not considered harmful, however, when left untreated mould will spread and can be dangerous. It is known to lead to respiratory health issues, disrupting air quality and risk the health and wellbeing of you and your family. Especially those with existing allergies, compromised immune systems, elderly family members and children.

Mould removal in Sydney can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the severity, location and even type of mould. Understandably, there is no set price for mould removal.

Luckily, our free inspection process ensures that you receive a detailed findings report outlining everything you need to know about the extent and cost of remediation before we get started. No need to worry about hidden add-ons – we’ll give you transparent findings backed by a fair price.

Responsibility for mould removal can generally fall into two categories: mould as a result of a building defect or if it is occupant attributed. Determining the responsibility of mould removal in NSW can be a bit of a grey area. Especially if there is no evidence that directly proves that a particular party is responsible for the mould growth.

If it can be proven that a tenant has failed to take precautions or preventative measures to inhibit mould growth in a rental property, then they can be held responsible. This may include not allowing natural light or airflow throughout the property or failure to inform the landlord of water damage or ongoing leaks.

On the other hand, if the landlord has not fulfilled their landlord obligations that has led to an inhabitable premises, then they are responsible. This may include failing to repair leaks or water damage, failure to clean the premises before a tenant moves in or a failure to repair rising damp.

There are hundreds of DIY remedies available to try to get rid of mould in your home. But these only provide a temporary solution, allowing the mould to return again. Mould patches any bigger than the size of your hand will need professional removal. If not, the mould will continue to spread around the home, eating its way through furniture, belongings, and walls. At MouldMen, we don’t just remove the mould, we target the cause of the problem and provide informed recommendations to help prevent mould from returning after treatment.

Mould loves moisture and commonly grows in damp, poorly ventilated locations such as bathrooms, laundries, bedrooms and kitchens. If your home or office doesn’t receive natural airflow or sunlight you could be at risk of mould growing and spreading.

Sydney weather is subject to mild, dry weather to thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, causing humidity levels to increase. The versatile weather means we tend to close up our home and utilise our air-conditioner or heating systems. This often leads to dampness and indadequete ventilation within the property. Perfect for mould to grow and spread.

There are 1000s of mould species in existence and there are a handful of mould types commonly found in Sydney homes. Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Alternaria all thrive in warm, dark or damp areas such as bathrooms, window frames and air-conditioning units. Stachybotrys Chartarum or toxic black mould is another common mould species that can grow and spread.

Regular airflow, adequate ventilation and keeping areas dry around the home is the best way to stop mould in its tracks and prevent it from spreading.

Yes, but not for long. When we treat your property we only need you to vacate the property for the duration of treatment and for 3 hours afterwards. No need to worry about finding somewhere to stay overnight. This is because we use a non-irritant, water-soluble misting treatment to remove up to 99.99% mould spores and odours. It’s food, kid, pet and plant safe and naturally biodegrades completely after 48 hours.

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