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Get back to living in a safe, healthy home, fast. We remove all visible mould & related odours from your property and finish treatment the day we start. Simply book a free inspection and our technicians will take care of the rest.

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Over the last decade, we’ve helped 1000s of Australian homeowners resolve their mould issues for good. Our 5 step treatment process ensures you return to living in a mould-free home as soon as possible.

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Identify Mould Growth Early With a Free Inspection

When it comes to mould, the earlier it’s identified, the better. At your convenience, our technicians will conduct an inspection of your home and provide you with a comprehensive findings report. This report will include the cause of the mould, photos, moisture and humidity readings, mould spore analysis, recommendations for treatment and a transparent quote.

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Effective Treatment, Minimal Disruption To Your Life.

After your free inspection, we’ll begin our 2 part mould removal treatment process. First, our technicians remove all visible mould from the affected surface area. Second, we’ll apply our non-irritant, water-soluble misting treatment solution to eradicate any remaining airborne spores and odours. This solution is 100% safe and environmentally friendly – it’s food, kid, pet and plant safe and naturally biodegrades in 48 hours.

We only need you to vacate your home for the duration of treatment and 2 hours afterwards. Safe, effective treatment, with minimal disruption to your life. Better yet, we make it easy to prepare for. Simply, open the blinds, put food away, move any furniture away from the affected area and take your pets with you before we arrive for treatment. We’ll take care of the rest.

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We Take Care of You After Treatment

We don’t just remove mould, we know how to prevent it from coming back. At the conclusion of your treatment, you’ll also receive a Mould Management and Prevention Plan tailored to your home. Our technicians will provide you with detailed guidelines and recommendations to prevent mould from returning.

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All our technicians pass ‘The Mum Test’

We get it, between the hazmat suits and the high-tech equipment, mould removal can be confronting. That’s why all our technicians pass ‘the Mum Test’. So, if we wouldn’t send them to our Mum’s home, we won’t send them to yours. All of our technicians are friendly, presentable, professional and punctual with an expert eye for detail. So you can feel safe and comfortable during your property inspection.

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Our Free Inspection Process Makes it Easy

Getting rid of mould doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. Simply fill out our free inspection form, we’ll organise a suitable time to meet at the property at your earliest convenience and our technicians will take care of the rest.
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Step One

Reach Out To Us

Call, email or submit a website form and one of our friendly staff will contact you to schedule a convenient time for your inspection.


Step Two


We’ll arrive on time to complete thorough visual inspection, record moisture and humidity readings, and identify moisture sources and the likely cause of the mould.

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Step Three

Report & Quotation

We will generate an image based report specific to your property, provide treatment recommendations and an affordable quotation to remove the mould.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve found mould in your home, you probably have a few questions. Here are some we hear every day.

Yes. When left untreated, mould will continue to spread throughout the home, severely disrupt air quality and be harmful to you and your family. It is known for causing respiratory discomforts such as coughing, sneezing and wheezing as well as resulting in skin, throat, sinus and eye irritations. Children, elderly family members and those with allergies or compromised immune systems are particularly at risk of mould exposure.

As a natural part of our ecosystem that feeds off moisture, it is almost impossible to permanently remove mould from the home. In saying this, the best way to minimise mould growth is to keep all areas of the house dry, ensure regular airflow throughout the home and clean any spills or water damage promptly. That’s why when we treat your home from mould, we give you a tailored Mould Management & Prevention Plan providing recommendations to prevent mould from coming back.

Mould loves moisture, so the best way to prevent mould growth in the home is to keep areas of the home clean and dry. Opening windows, regular air circulation, using ventilation fans and cleaning spills, condensation and grime are the most effective ways to inhibit mould growth.

If your home has suffered from flooding or severe water damage, we recommend disposing any damaged furnishings and belongings to prevent mould from growing and spreading. If you live in naturally humid climates, ensure that you run a dehumidifier to control moisture levels in the air or run your air-conditioner to ‘dry mode’.

Odd, musty or damp smells are usually the first sign of mould growing in the home, even if you can’t see it. Look out for moisture or condensation build-up, leaking pipes, or a bulging or discolouration appear on painted walls. If there is severe mould damage behind the walls, it can also cause paint to crack and peel off.

Because mould usually grows in dark, damp places, be weary of leaking or water damage behind walls, roof spaces, attics, basements, under flooring or crawl spaces. Mould takes as little as 48 hours to grow and spread before you notice any visible signs. If you notice mould spreading or notice a damp smell, book a mould inspection and we’ll take care of the rest.

There are hundreds of DIY remedies available to try to get rid of mould in the home. But these only provide a temporary solution, allowing the mould to return again. At-home treatments may work on small spotting in-between bathroom tiles, but for mould patches any bigger than the size of your hand will need professional removal. If not, the mould will continue to spread around the home, eating its way through furniture, belongings, and walls. At MouldMen, we don’t just remove the mould, we target the cause of the problem and provide informed recommendations to help prevent mould from returning after treatment.

Mould removal can be stressful enough, so we make it easy for you to prepare for our arrival. All you have to do is open the blinds, put food away, move any furniture away from the affected area and take your pets with you. It’s that simple. We’ll take care of the rest.

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