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5 Best Ways To Prevent Mould In Your Home

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While there are many ways to eradicate mould in your home, knowing the effective ways to prevent it from occurring in the first place can save you time, money and help keep your home safe and healthy.  

In this article we’ll look at the 5 best ways to prevent mould in your home, as well as the best steps to take if you do find it growing.  

Let’s take a look. 

5 Ways To Prevent Mould

Mould has no place in a healthy home. So, in order to prevent it from occurring in the first place, observe the below best practices.

1. Allow Plenty Of Ventilation

One of the best ways to help prevent mould is to allow plenty of regular, fresh airflow into the home. This includes allowing air to circulate in wardrobes, rooms and behind furniture. Doing so will help prevent any excess moisture build up in the home and get rid of any stagnant, stale air.   

This can be as simple as opening windows daily (when weather permits), opening wardrobe and cupboard doors or even utilising stand-alone or ceiling fans to promote air circulation.  

2. Use Dehumidifiers And Exhaust Fans Where Possible 

Activities like cooking and showering create high levels of condensation in the air, and as mould thrives on moisture, it creates the perfect conditions for it to grow and spread.  

So, to actively prevent mould from taking hold in your home, use extraction fans where possible, especially in mould prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms.  

Additionally, if you live in a humid climate, set your A/C unit to dry mode or invest in a dehumidifier to help prevent excess moisture in the air.  

3. Clean And Dry Flooding Or Water Damage Immediately 

Flooding and water damage left untreated for as little as 48 hours can lead to mould growth.  

That’s why if your home experiences water damage to any extent, it’s important to take action as quickly as possible to avoid potential mould infestations and structural damage to your property.  

This can involve engaging the help of structural drying or water damage restoration services to thoroughly clean and dry out your home.  

4. Hang Wet Clothes Outside To Dry 

If the weather permits, be sure to dry clothes outside.  

Drying clothes indoors allows water to evaporate and linger around the home, encouraging mould growth on ceilings and walls. If you have no choice but to dry your clothes indoors, be sure to hang them in a room with decent ventilation or place a fan to assist with circulation.  

Additionally, leaving damp clothes around the home or in the washing machine can encourage mould growth on clothes. So, be sure to start drying clothes immediately after washing to prevent mould from spreading on them.  

5. Clear Gutters And Stormwater Drains Often 

A clear stormwater drain and gutter system is essential for allowing water to drain away from your home quickly in the event of heavy rainfall.  

Be sure to check your homes gutters and drains regularly and clear away any leaves, branches or debris. This will help keep your home safe from any water damage or flooding, potentially saving you thousands in unwanted restoration and mould remediation costs.  

What If I Live In A Rental Property? 

If you’re renting a home or apartment, it’s important to be in contact with your landlord immediately if problems arise that could put you at risk of mould growth. This includes: 

  • If you notice any leaking pipes or plumbing issues 
  • Blocked gutters or stormwater drains 
  • Dirty or leaking AC units 
  • Overgrowing trees or vegetation 
  • Cracked or damaged tiles 

For more info on mould in rental properties, see our article here 

What Should I Do If I Find Mould In My Home? 

Finding mould in your home is not uncommon, however, it’s important to act quickly to remove it in order to avoid more serious (and costly) infestations further down the line.  

While there are no shortage of DIY mould removal remedies out there, if the infestation is reoccurring or larger than the palm of your hand, you should skip these all together. If you find yourself in this situation, the safest thing to do is call in a professional mould remediation company like MouldMen. 

The MouldMen team will inspect, treat and provide you with a Mould Management and Prevention Plan to ensure that your home is kept safe and free from mould. Call us on 1300 60 59 60 to book your free inspection today. 



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