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Mould Fogging – Is It An Effective Treatment For Mould?

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Mould fogging, it’s a common treatment method used by mould removal companies. But what is it? How does it work and is it actually safe to be using in your home? 

Let’s dive in.

So, What Exactly Is Mould Fogging? 

Mould fogging (also known as misting) is the process of using an antimicrobial spray to eliminate airborne mould spores. As part of the mould removal process, fogging works to restore your home’s air quality to safe levels and prevent future mould growth.

Is It An Effective Treatment For Mould?

Fogging is effective at killing mould spores, stopping them from spreading and removing the musty smell. However, as a standalone treatment it will not be enough to completely eradicate mould. 

Why? Because the removal of surface growth (colonies) is essential to return a property to a mould-neutral state. The surface growth will continue to release spores if not addressed in the removal process.

Most fogging solutions kill mould spores. However, they cannot clear away actively growing mould or prevent it from returning.

Fogging is typically just one step in the mould remediation process. This is because to effectively treat mould and prevent it from coming back, you not only need to treat the airborne spores, but address several other factors as well. These include: 

  • Removing the physical mould 
  • Removing mould affected materials 
  • Identifying and treating the source of the mould (high humidity levels, leaks, water damage) 
  • Keep areas dry and ensure regular airflow 

How Does Mould Fogging Work?

Mould fogging works by taking an antimicrobial substance and turning it from a liquid into a mist.  

After all the physical mould has been removed from your property, mould removal services will often then mist the premises to eliminate the airborne mould spores. 

When the mist is aerosolised, each tiny droplet can encapsulate the airborne spore and disrupt the spore’s membrane (the toughest part of the spore). Once the membrane is disrupted, the spore effectively biodegrades.

Is It Necessary?

Misting is a necessary step in the mould removal process as it eliminates mould’s airborne spores. 

Mould releases thousands of these spores in order to grow and spread. So, if these spores aren’t addressed in the mould removal process, infestations will continue to return. 

Eliminating airborne mould spores is crucial for effective mould remediation.

MouldMen’s misting treatment eliminates 99.99% of all mould spores and mould-related odours. This step removes the invisible airborne particles that can negatively impact your health and allow mould to spread. This helps prevent future mould growth and leaves your home in a safe, mould-neutral state.

Is Mould Fogging Safe?

Traditional mould fogging methods can be unsafe, often using harsh chemicals that can cause allergic or toxigenic reactions. That’s why it is so important to choose a mould removal company that uses safe, non-toxic ingredients throughout their entire mould removal process.  

Are Ozone Treatments A Safer Solution?

Whether in its pure form or mixed with other chemicals, Ozone treatments can be harmful to your health. If inhaled, Ozone can damage the lungs, with relatively low amounts capable of causing chest pain, coughing and shortness of breath in some individuals.

It is for this reason that MouldMen do not use any Ozone products in our remediation process.

What Sets MouldMen’s Misting Treatment Apart From The Rest?

MouldMen’s unique antimicrobial misting treatment solution eliminates 99.99% of airborne mould spores and odours without the use of toxic or harmful chemicals. 

MouldMen’s misting treatment is material, skin, food and plant safe, bio-degrading within 48 hours of treatment. And as we do not use toxic, bleach based or harmful chemicals, you can safely re-enter the premises as little as 2 hours after treatment.

How Much Does Mould Fogging Cost?

It is important to note for mould fogging to be effective, it needs to be part of a comprehensive mould remediation plan.  

Fogging as part of a professional mould removal service, can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

However, every mould problem is different, so it is impossible to give a one size fits all answer for the cost of mould removal.

What About DIY Treatments?

There are many home mould removal remedies out there.  

While these at-home treatments may work on small spots or patches of surface mould, for anything larger than the palm of your hand, DIY mould removal can be both dangerous and ineffective. 

Home remedies are likely to only offer a temporary solution without completely eradicating the problem

While DIY treatments may be effective for treating small areas, if the cause of the mould is not identified and treated, the mould will continue to return.

Read more: What to do if you find mould in your home.

A Free Inspection Is The First Step To A Safer Home

If you find mould in the home or property, it’s important to take immediate action to avoid an infestation. For any infestation larger than the palm of your hand, skip the DIY treatments and seek out a reputable mould removal company.

The MouldMen team will inspect, treat and provide you with a Mould Management and Prevention Plan to ensure that your home is kept safe and free from mould. Call us on 1300 60 59 60 to book your free inspection today.  

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