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5 Areas To Look For Mould This Spring

technician investigating mould on roof of home with homeowner

As we say goodbye to the wet winter season, it’s time to shift our attention towards preparing our homes for the warmer months ahead. 

And with the recent La Niña weather event bringing with it significant rainfall and high humidity, the possibility of finding mould in your home this spring is higher than ever. 

So, to prepare for the summer mould season, Australians will need to take some additional steps to ensure their homes remain healthy, clean and free from mould. 

The CEO of MouldMen, Gerard Murtagh, predicts that as La Niña continues, many Australians will discover mould growing in their homes in the coming spring months.

The demand for free mould inspections…we’ve received this year is unlike anything [else]…and the demand for our services is only increasing..” Gerard says.

5 Areas To Be Vigilant

On the back of an extremely wet winter, Gerard talks us through five areas of the home to be vigilant for mould growth this spring. 

These include:

1. Behind Couches And Bed Heads

You may not know it, but having your couch and bed head placed directly against the wall can provide the perfect breeding ground for mould.  

MouldMen tip: Leave some space between the wall and your furniture and try to open windows and doors frequently to allow plenty of fresh air to circulate. 

2. Wardrobes

Dark, poorly ventilated wardrobes provide the perfect conditions for mould to grow and spread. 

MouldMen tip: To help prevent mould growth on clothes and in wardrobes, be sure to leave wardrobe doors open and separate clothes where possible to allow for plenty of ventilation. 

3. Linen Cupboard

Jam-packed linen cupboards are a perfect environment for moisture and mould growth.

MouldMen tip: Simple steps like only putting away completely dry clothes, opening cupboard doors and conducting routine inspections are extremely helpful in keeping mould away. 

4. Behind Kitchen Cupboards

Between cooking, washing dishes and using the dishwasher, the condensation buildup in kitchens makes them one of the most common areas for mould growth. 

That’s why it’s important to be vigilant for mould in all areas of the kitchen – under the sink, in or behind cupboards or behind appliances. 

MouldMen tip: Simple steps like turning on the exhaust fan while cooking, keeping benchtops clean and throwing out mouldy food can all help prevent mould growth in the kitchen. 

5. Outside Your Property 

Your home’s exterior can be a prime location for mould and mildew to grow. 

Buildup of leaves in gutters, climbing vines, dryer ventilation and trees and shrubs planted too close to the home can all encourage mould to grow outside the home. 

And once mould starts growing outside the home, it’s not long before it makes its way inside.

MouldMen tip: Regularly cleaning out gutters and trimming trees and shrubs before they get too close to your home can help prevent external mould growth. 

What Should I Do If I Find Mould In My Home?

If you find mould growing in your home this spring, the best thing you can do is reach out to a professional mould remediation company for a free inspection. 

These inspections are the best way to get your home back to a safe, mould-neutral state. Not to mention, they can often save you thousands in the long run by catching a mould infestation early. 

To book your free inspection, contact the friendly team at MouldMen on 1300 605 960 so you can enjoy a safe, healthy summer. 

About MouldMen Pty Ltd 

MouldMen is the pioneer of mould remediation, providing services across South East Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. Headquartered in Gold Coast, MouldMen offers a free inspection to anyone affected by mould growth and has helped tens of thousands of Australians to live a mould-neutral life since 2011. 

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