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Everything You Need to Know About Green Mould

Green Mould

Green mould is a common occurrence on Australian properties. So, if you find it growing on yours, you might ask yourself is it dangerous? And how do I safely remove it? 

Here’s everything you need to know.  

What Is Green Mould Exactly? 

Green mould is a type of fungus. Like all mould species, it thrives on moisture and breaks down organic matter to survive.  

Despite what you may think, green mould isn’t any one particular type of mould. It can be hundreds of types of species at different stages of growth. Some of these are more familiar than others, but the most common include Aspergillus, Penicillium and Cladosporium. 

While it typically appears as different shades of green, green mould may also appear blue, black or pink depending on its maturity. It can also appear either dusty or fuzzy depending on the species. 

Did you know: Of the roughly 1.5 million different mould types, green mould is the most common mould colour of them all? 

It’s impossible to identify the specific mould species from its colour alone, which is why we always recommend a professional free mould inspection. This will give you insights into the severity mould and recommend a safe, effective treatment plan. 

Where Will You Find Green Mould?

Commonly found inside the home, green mould thrives in environments with high levels of moisture and organic matter. You’ll often find it lurking in: 

  • Bathrooms 
  • Kitchens 
  • Walls 
  • Windowsills 
  • Attics 
  • Basements 
  • Food 

How To Prevent It

To actively prevent green mould from growing in your home, try to limit moisture and maximise ventilation where possible. This can be done through: 

  • Using exhaust fans when cooking and showering 
  • Cleaning any spills or wet areas as soon as possible 
  • Allowing plenty of natural light and airflow throughout the home 
  • Using your air conditioner on ‘dry mode’ 

For more tips on how to keep your home safe and free from mould, see our mould tips page here 

Is Green Mould Dangerous?

Green mould affects everyone differently. Its health implications largely depend on the species of mould and a person’s immune system.  

All moulds, regardless of colour, can be dangerous under the right circumstances.

Of the hundreds of green mould species, some like Aspergillus, are known to release harmful mycotoxin spores. Constant exposure to these ‘toxic moulds’ may lead to a variety of health concerns, especially for those with weakened or compromised immune systems. This includes those who are undergoing chemotherapy, recovering from major surgery, as well as those with autoimmune and respiratory disorders. Symptoms may include: 

  • Asthma attacks 
  • Headaches 
  • Respiratory irritations 

To find out more about the health effects of mould, see our article here. 

What To Do If You Find Green Mould In Your Home

While it’s tempting to ignore small spots of mould around the home, it’s important to act quickly to remove them. Doing so will keep your home healthy and free from a serious mould infestation.  

Your options for removal include: 

DIY Remedies

Before you begin to remove mould yourself, you’ll first need to identify what’s causing it 

This could be anything from poor ventilation to a leaking pipe or appliance. Without treating the source of moisture, the mould will continue to return no matter how well you clean the area.  

If you do attempt to remove mould yourself, you must always wear protective gear to prevent touching or inhaling mould spores.

To clean or slow down the growth of green mould, vinegar or bleach-free mould removal products are a great place to start. Just be sure to not tackle anything larger than a dinner plate yourself.  

Call The Experts

If you find yourself dealing with large or reoccurring patches of green mould, seek out the help of a mould remediation company like MouldMen.  

Our qualified technicians will safely and efficiently remove all mould and its airborne spores from your property. We’ll even provide you with a detailed mould management and prevention plan after treatment to help keep your home safe and mould-free.  

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