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Requesting a free inspection is the first step to take in ensuring you can enjoy your freshly “mould-free” space.

It is super easy and convenient to book your free inspection and this inspection is essential in determining the source, severity and extent of the mould growth. Once booked, our friendly customer service team will reach out to you to understand your preferred date and time to carry out the free inspection. You will also be asked for any background info on the property and the mould issues present

The inspection will be carried out by our technicians who are not only highly trained but also polite, well-mannered and respectful of you and your property.

This free inspection includes our technicians assessing the entire property thoroughly, this will generally require access to all areas of the property to ensure all areas of concern are correctly identified, our technician’s trained eye may find mould which had not previously been identified by yourself, please don’t think we are being intrusive, we only want to get a great result for you by getting all the mould, GONE.

During the inspection the technician will collect moisture and humidity readings to better diagnose the contributing factors behind the mould issue, this provides us a better understanding of how we tackle the problem at hand.

Post inspection, our technicians will share a customised mould treatment plan along with a transparent quote for you to consider.

Once you accept the quote, we will make suitable arrangements to carry out the entire mould treatment process at the earliest convenient opportunity.

So book your free inspection today