The Mum Test

We created the ‘Mum Test’ to ensure our clients feel safe and comfortable in their homes throughout the entire treatment process.

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Completely Safe

What is the ‘Mum Test’?

Simply put, if we wouldn’t send a tradesperson to our mum’s home, we won’t send them to yours. The ‘Mum Test’ ensures only the most professional and polite technicians carry out treatment in your home. All our tradespeople are friendly, deliver on what they promise and respect themselves and our clients at all times.

We Only Hire Technicians That Pass the ‘Mum Test’

The ‘Mum Test’ represents everything we stand for; professionalism, respectability and integrity. These traits are compulsory when we hire new technicians. This ensures we only send the most professional tradespeople to carry out mould treatment on your property.

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We Promise You'll Feel Safe & Comfortable During Your Free Inspection

We understand that inviting a stranger into your home to conduct an inspection can be a little unnerving. But not with MouldMen. Our friendly technicians will ensure you feel safe and comfortable throughout your free mould inspection.

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