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As a Property Manager, you need a reliable solution to keep your landlords’ properties clean, safe, and mould-free. At MouldMen, we offer a three-tiered mould removal subscription model designed to provide peace of mind while saving you time and money.

Per Annum
Per Property
Training Sessions ?Twelve SessionsEight SessionsThree Sessions
Priority Scheduling ?...
Mould History Recorded ?...
Extensive Mould Courses ?...
Prop. Manager Mould
Awareness Course ?
Landlord Mould Awareness Course ?..
Tenant Mould Awareness Course ?..
Case Management ?..
HQ Training Night ?..
Sponsorship Support ?Major.
EDM Intros ?.
Tenant DIY Kits ?.
Exclusive MouldMen Events ?.
Training Sessions

These training sessions are designed to help delve deeper into more specific cases of mould where Property Managers need assistance. We also cover any questions and provide updates on legislation/internal business updates. The training sessions will be provided by either the Client Relations Manager, Special Projects Manager, the Director/Founder and/or a combination of and run via Zoom/Teams/Face to face (dependant on location/date). 

Priority Scheduling

As a property manager, you’ll receive priority when scheduling appointments for mould inspection, removal, and remediation, ensuring timely and efficient service for your properties.

Mould History Recorded

MouldMen will maintain a detailed record of the mould history for each property under your management, allowing for easy tracking and better understanding of recurring issues.

Extensive Mould Courses

Gain access to comprehensive educational materials and resources to deepen your understanding of mould prevention, identification, and remediation strategies.

Property Manager Mould Awareness Course

A specialized course designed for property managers to enhance their knowledge about mould-related issues and learn how to effectively address and prevent them in managed properties.

Landlord Mould Awareness Course

Educate your landlords on the importance of mould prevention and management, enabling them to make informed decisions about property maintenance and tenant safety.

Tenant Mould Awareness Course

Empower your tenants with knowledge about mould prevention and maintenance, helping them maintain a healthier living environment and reduce the likelihood of mould-related disputes.

Case Management

MouldMen will provide personalized support and guidance in managing individual mould cases for your properties, ensuring that each situation is handled efficiently and effectively.

HQ Training Night

Attend an exclusive training event at MouldMen’s headquarters, where you can learn about the latest mould remediation techniques, industry trends, and best practices from experts in the field.

Major Sponsorship Support

Receive significant support for your property management-related events, conferences, or expos through MouldMen’s sponsorship program, helping to enhance your brand visibility and professional network. This will be calculated based on the total number of properties vs the number of properties that are subscribed.

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Introductions

Benefit from targeted email campaigns that introduce your property management services to potential clients and partners, expanding your reach and generating new business opportunities.

Tenant DIY Kits

Provide your tenants with easy-to-use, do-it-yourself mould prevention and cleaning kits, empowering them to address minor mould issues before they escalate.

Exclusive MouldMen Events

Gain access to exclusive events organized by MouldMen, where you can network with industry professionals, learn about the latest developments in mould remediation, and share experiences with other property managers.

Property Managers

Drastically lighten your workload, giving you the freedom to concentrate on other crucial tasks that demand your attention and expertise.

Optimize your mould inspection strategy, ensuring you consistently safeguard your client’s investments and maintain their trust.

Proactively minimize the expenses associated with mould removal and remediation, protecting your client’s financial interests and enhancing your reputation.

Equip yourself with comprehensive resources and cutting-edge knowledge to stay ahead of the curve on all mould-related matters, positioning you as a trusted industry expert.

Boost tenant retention and secure the property owner’s investment by delivering a healthy living environment, ultimately contributing to long-term success and client satisfaction.

Business Development Managers

Gain a significant competitive advantage when onboarding new clients to your real estate agency, setting your Business Development Managers apart from competitors in the market.

Offer prospective clients a cost-efficient, tax-deductible solution that delivers both value and peace of mind, enabling your Business Development Managers to build long-lasting relationships.

Empower your Business Development Managers, property owners, and tenants alike with a wealth of resources, ensuring all parties are well-prepared to tackle any mould issues that may emerge.

Partner with one of Australia’s most trusted Mould Removal and Remediation companies, showcasing your agency’s commitment to quality and excellence in property management.

Be a pioneer in the industry by having your Business Development Managers introduce Australia’s first-ever Mould subscription, solidifying your agency’s status as an innovative and forward-thinking real estate leader.

Our investment in high-quality services ensures that your landlords’ properties remain mould-free, protecting their investments from costly remediation expenses. Our team of experts is dedicated to keeping your properties mould-free, so you can focus on managing your portfolio without worrying about any potential issues.

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