Introducing MouldMen Essentials Subscription!

A complete yearly solution for Property Managers dealing with mould in their rental properties.

We’ll address your mould, so you can address your day.
Introducing MouldMen Essentials Subscription!


Seamless Process

Fast Resolutions

Manage properties without the unnecessary hassles of mould. For as little as $3.85 a week, MouldMen Essentials helps you say goodbye to constant mould issues in your properties. Eliminate unnecessary paperwork, back-and-forth emails, and phone calls. No more tenants waiting for mould treatment or landlords facing costly repairs.
It’s time to start a new best practice by using a modern approach to property maintenance that’s easy, efficient, and designed for Property Managers like you. A small cost for a big improvement.
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Are your properties set for minimum housing standards?

The MouldMen Essentials subscription accelerates the process of identifying and remediating mould growth before it becomes a costly repair. By adhering to minimum housing standards and implementing this as best practice, it saves you both time and money, ensuring a healthy living environment.

Check your states minimum housing standards:

Check your states minimum housing standards

Plan Options

PricingPer Property Per Annum
  • 2 Part
  • Excess Work
  • Inspection 30
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Annual Inspections
  • Exclusive MouldMen Events
  • Mould Awareness Course
  • Tenant DIY Kit
  • Case Manager
$199Valued at $425
  • 15 Minutes
  • Plus 15% Off
$299Valued at $600+
  • 30 Minutes
  • Plus 30% Off
$399Valued at $1000+
  • 30 Minutes^
  • No Extra Costs*
plan options

^ 30 minutes for inspection / 30 minutes for treatment
* Time capped at 2 hours for the treatment – anything quoted above two hours will receive a 50% discount.
Applies to the two part process only. Additional charges apply for other services. 


Discounted Mould

Treatments average almost $1000, subscribing instantly reduces the cost of remediation.

Discounted Mould Remediation
Annual Mould Reports

Annual Mould Reports

Receive extensive yearly reports to keep properties mould-free.

One Contact for
All Properties

The premium tier offers a single point of contact to quickly resolve mould matters in your properties.

One Contact for All Properties
Exclusive Access to Mould Education

Exclusive Access to
Mould Education

Unlimited access to MouldMen’s online educational library, sharing best practice with all key stakeholders.


Save money

Protect your property’s value and integrity with the MouldMen Essentials Subscription. Our early detection and treatment prevent mould from becoming an expensive problem.

Free up your day

MouldMen will arrange entry notices, inspections, complete all reporting and handle the tenants so you can focus on other daily tasks.

Simple, Quick Solution

Tidy up your entire portfolio and reduce your workload by allowing the subscription to keep your properties mould-free.

Consistency in your approach to all your properties keeps them out of reach when it comes to the minimum housing standards.

Escalate those mould-affected properties and remove it with priority, avoiding potential costly repairs.

Have a complex situation? Don’t worry, you’re covered with your own Case Manager who will be able to support you through step-by-step.

Unlock all the extra features of the subscription that benefits all key stakeholders, including over a decades’ worth of educational material.

Get all the support, education, reports and discounted jobs done by starting with one simple payment.


Simple Step-by-Step guide to Subscribing.

Simple Step-by-Step guide to Subscribing.

Ann Taylor

5 Star Rating

The MouldMen are just fantastic i work in a real estate office and we have used the company for the past six months and all of our home owners are over the moon with the work this company has done. I can honestly recommend them very highly and the courtesy they give when arriving and whilst doing the work is above 100 percent. Love your work guys keep it up

Oz Amateur Rider

5 Star Rating

I required an assessment of my investment property (Mornington Peninsula in Victoria) for any mould. The people from MouldMen attended to the property in quick time! They were able to provide a very detailed report shortly after attending which gave me great peace of mind! I have no hesitation in recommending MouldMen. Thanks very much!

Daniel Dennis

5 Star Rating

The Mouldmen got my quote prepared straight away, they did the job when they said, and there standard of work was without question, my tenants were happy. I will only deal wiht this company in the future

Some of the Real Estates we work with

Get the Right Cover With MouldMen Essentials

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested to know more? Here are some questions we hear every day.

The MouldMen Essentials Subscription is designed for Property Managers, offering cost-effective mould solutions, expert care, and exclusive benefits. It provides a streamlined approach to managing mould, with quality assurance and valuable resources all in one package.

The Mould Awareness Course is an online educational platform that you gain access to as part of being a Pro or Premium subscriber. Here you will find ample amounts of resources and information that MouldMen have collated over our years of operating.

MouldMen will prioritise your jobs to ensure your properties are tended to quickly to avoid the possibility of excess mould growth.

At MouldMen, our treatment process is divided into two vital parts. The first part is Surface Treatment, where we physically remove all visible mould, ensuring a clean and safe surface. The second part involves Misting Treatment, a specialized airborne mist that eradicates 99.9% of mould spores that may have been aggravated during the initial treatment. Together, these two stages provide a comprehensive solution for mould removal and remediation.

Our Case Managers will provide ongoing support for all your properties that are subscribed to MouldMen Essentials, meaning that you will have quicker, clearer and more accurate advice and resolutions for your properties.

Depending on your chosen subscription plan, you can enjoy discounts ranging from 15% to 50%, or even no additional costs for 2-part treatments that take longer than originally scheduled. Additional services charged separately.

MouldMen provides expert care and follows industry best practices in mould detection and remediation. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering quality service and exclusive benefits through the subscription.

MouldMen Essentials provides a consistent, proactive approach toward mould removal and remediation that aims to maintain mould-free properties. Our service offers targeted solutions, emphasizing prevention and timely action. By choosing MouldMen Essentials, Property Managers can enhance living conditions, save time and money, and provide peace of mind to both landlords and tenants.

Fill out the form and the Client Relationships Team will be in contact with you to take you through the next steps 🙂