Mould Tips

To prevent moisture build up and ensure a dry home, MouldMen have these Top Tips to help you keep your home free from mould.

Mould Prevention Tips

Have a MouldMen Air Conditioning Treatment

Clean your Air Conditioning unit

Have an exterior house wash

Clean or replace mould affected blinds or curtains

Cut back vegetation surrounding the property

Keep roof and gutters in good working order

Install whirly birds on the roof to increase ventilation

Install insulation to the roof cavity

Ensure subfloors and roof cavities are well ventilated

Repair any leaks immediately

Install an exhaust fan in the bathroom – keep existing exhausts well maintained and use daily when showering (leave on for 15 minutes after finishing)

Install a range hood or exhaust fan in the kitchen to help draw moisture when cooking

Install an exhaust fan or external duct to laundry to draw moisture from the room

Install a domestic humidifier to help reduce moisture levels

Install security fly screens

Use your Air Conditioning unit on dry cycle

Ventilate the property

Keep indoor plants to a minimum

Close windows when it’s raining

Place furniture away from walls and reduce clutter

Mould Prevention Tips

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