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How To Remove Black Mould From The Bathroom

how to clean mould from your bathroom

The bathroom is a haven for various mould types found in Australian homes. With high levels of dampness, regular moisture build-up and condensation, the bathroom provides a warm space for mould to grow and spread.  

Black mould is one of the more infamous species of mould, distinguished by its black appearance, unfriendly smell and its airborne mycotoxin spores. So, when you find black mould making its home in-between bathroom tiles, in the sink or shower, it’s time to take care of the problem. Because black mould can be dangerous to your health, you need to take precautions if you try to remove it and know when it’s time to call in a professional. In the meantime, here is our quick guide about how to remove black mould from the bathroom.  

What is Black Mould?  

Toxic black mould or Stachybotrys Chartarum is a strain of fungus that survives by eating its way through organic (and inorganic) matter by releasing mycotoxin spores. These spores are invisible and airborne, making it easier for black mould to not only grow but spread around all areas around the home.  

Is Black Mould Dangerous? 

Notably, these spores are easily aggravated and are known to cause discomfort in the mouth, throat and sinus. If you frequently breathe in the spores, it can lead to more serious health concerns and even black mould poisoning. Sometimes, black mould can be hard to spot and even be invisible to the human eye, but if you begin to smell a musty, unpleasant odour, then chances are it’s black mould.   

The bathroom offers moist surfaces, condensation and often inadequate ventilation – it’s the perfect recipe.  

How to Remove Black Mould From the Bathroom 

Black mould is common in areas with high levels of moisture and water damage. If you find black mould in your bathroom, there is a chance that it might be a part of a larger problem that needs attention. With that being said, home remedies are likely to only offer a temporary solution without completely eradicating the problem.  

For minor spot removal, here are some useful ways to remove black mould from the bathroom:  


Mix a 50/50 ratio of water and vinegar into a spray bottle, shake well and spray onto the mould affected area. Allow the mixture to sit for 10 – 15 minutes before scrubbing clean. For a more concentrated solution, mix an 80/20 ratio of vinegar and water. Spray onto the mould affected area and allow to sit for 15 minutes before wiping clean with a cloth. 

Tea Tree Oil  

Mix 1tsp of tea tree oil with 2 cups of warm water into a spray bottle and shake well. Spray generously onto the mould affected area. Allow to completely dry. 


You can use store-bought bathroom bleach for minor spot removal in between tiles and around the bath. Spray the bleach directly onto the mould affected area and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes. Scrub clean with a harsh-bristled brush or scourer and rinse with warm water.  

How to Remove Black Mould From Painted Walls and Wallpaper 

If your bathroom has painted walls or wallpaper you will need natural removal remedies that won’t damage or strip the wall surfaces.  

Borax and White Vinegar 

Mix 2 tbsp of borax with ¼ cup white vinegar and two cups of hot water and pour into a spray bottle. Spray generously onto the walls, scrub thoroughly and wipe clean. Repeat this process and let the mixture sit for 10 minutes before wiping clean and dry the area.  

How to Remove Black Mould Safely 

Black mould spot removal is not usually harmful, however, it can be easy to aggravate and inhale the spores if you come into close contact with the mould. When attempting to remove small amounts of black mould ensure that you are wearing a protective mask, eyewear and gloves to avoid inhaling the spores. It is also recommended to completely cover arms and legs to protect the skin and wear old clothes and footwear.  

The presence of black mould is not always visible and can grow in dark, unnoticeable places before appearing on the surface of walls or releasing an unpleasant or musty smell.  

If you find larger patches of black mould or an infestation of a few square metres paired with an unpleasant odour, then it is usually a result of a larger plumbing issue or water damage. In these cases, DIY removal will not eradicate the problem and may result in serious health concerns and a disruption of the overall air quality of the home.  

If you find a black mould infestation in your home then it is recommended to seek out a professional service team to inspect and treat the mould 

How to Prevent Black Mould in Bathrooms 

The key to black mould prevention is moisture control, natural sunlight and ventilation. There is a high chance that black mould will appear in your bathroom due to the amount of moisture and condensation build-up that occurs within the space. With this being said, the opportunity for black mould to grow and spread can be minimised with attempts to reduce the humidity and invite regular airflow.  

Here are some useful ways to prevent black mould in your bathroom:  

  • Regularly open windows to ventilate the space  
  • Use the exhaust fan while showering  
  • Leave the fan on for 30 minutes after showering  
  • Clean, wipe and dry shower walls, glass and surfaces regularly  
  • Identify and fix any leaks or plumbing problems promptly 
  • Avoid leaving damp towels and clothes on the bathroom floor  
  • Wash towels, hand towels and bathroom mats regularly  
  • Clean bathroom surfaces regularly 

When to Call a Mould Removal Professional 

Bathrooms are the perfect habitat for black mould growth and can quickly spread and become difficult to manage. 

If you are afraid of black mould becoming a problem in your home and are looking for a long-term solution, be sure to call upon a professional team to help you. The MouldMen team will inspect, treat and provide you with a Mould Management and Prevent Plan to ensure that your home is kept safe and free from black mould. Call us on 1300 60 59 60 to book your free inspection today.

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