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Does Clove Oil Kill Mould?

Does Clove Oil Kill Mould?

Clove oil has long been touted as a fantastic natural remedy for mould treatment. But do the facts hold up?  

In this article we’ll examine if clove oil actually kills mould, potential DIY remedies and when to call in mould removal professionals.  

Does Clove Oil Kill Mould?

While clove oil won’t permanently kill mould, its high level of antifungal properties makes it one of the best natural remedies for mould prevention. In fact, a 2017 study looked at several essential oils and found that clove oil was the most effective at stopping the growth of a range of fungi.  

In saying this, the best form of prevention is to address the cause of the mould directly. Causes can include poor ventilation, excessive condensation, flooding or high humidity.  

How to Remove Mould with Clove Oil

For small spot removal, there are several DIY remedies using clove oil. However, these will only work as a temporary solution. Unless the cause of the problem is solved, the mould will return. 

Before You Start, You’ll Need:

Removing mould can be hazardous to your health and put you at risk of inhaling toxic mould spores. Before you attempt to remove mould yourself, it is important that you prepare yourself with the correct safety equipment. This includes: 

  • Disposable gloves 
  • Safety goggles 
  • Face mask 

Clove Oil for Shower Mould

  • Mix vinegar, three drops of clove oil and half a cup of baking soda.  
  • Dip a toothbrush in the mixture and brush grout thoroughly. 
  • Spray the solution on the surface and leave to dry. 

Clove Oil for Mould on Leather

Mould grows on leather easily as it is a natural material. To remove mould from leather shoes, accessories and furniture: 

  • Mix three drops of clove oil with half a cup of coconut oil. 
  • Wipe mouldy areas in a circular motion. 
  • Soak the items and dry in a well-ventilated area. 

Clove Oil for Mouldy Fabrics

For washable fabrics like curtains, cushions and bedding, use the following method: 

  • Mix one cup of salt and vinegar and three drops of clove oil into 10L of water. 
  • Soak the fabric overnight. 
  • Squeeze out as much solution as possible and hang in a sunny place until salt crusts form. 
  • Remove the salt crust from the fabric with a soft brush. 
  • Wash the fabric with warm water and dry as usual

Clove Oil for Walls and Ceilings

If you’re looking for a natural way to rid mould from your walls and ceiling, use the following remedy: 

  • Mix three drops of clove oil, half a cup of vinegar and five cups of water. 
  • Use a clean broom and sweep the mould area with the solution.  
  • Allow to dry. 

It is important to note that DIY mould removal treatments only act as a temporary solution in the case of serious infestations. It is always recommended to seek out a professional mould removal company who can help remove the mould safely and provide a long-term mould remediation plan to stop it from coming back. 

Side Effects and Considerations of Using Clove Oil for Mould Removal

Natural oils such as clove oil can be allergenic. This means that it has the potential to cause severe reactions in people with asthmatic tendencies. Additionally, if clove oil is applied excessively to some surfaces like fabrics, it can darken and stain them.

What are the Health Effects of Mould?

Overexposure to mould can be dangerous to your health, especially those with weak immune systems like children, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. Symptoms of mould exposure include: 

  • Headaches 
  • Coughing 
  • Dizziness 
  • Fever 

In more serious cases, exposure to black mould can lead to black mould poisoning.

When to Call a Mould Removal Professional

If you are afraid of mould becoming a problem in your home and are looking for a long-term solution, be sure to call upon a professional team to help you. The MouldMen team will inspect, treat and provide you with a Mould Management and Prevention Plan to ensure that your home is kept safe and free from mould. Call us on 1300 60 59 60 to book your free inspection today.

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