Everything You Need To Know About Mould Remediation

Is Mould a Fungus or a Bacteria?

Fungus and bacteria share many similarities.   They’re both living organisms that thrive in moist environments and form colonies to grow and spread. Not to mention, they both pose a risk…
mould and mildew

Why Does Mould Grow On Walls?

Mould is a common and serious problem in Australian homes. It can damage the air quality, your belongings and even the structural integrity of the property. Mould doesn’t just appear…
how to clean mould from your bathroom

What Does Mould Smell Like?

Mould is far from subtle – even when you can’t see it, chances are you can smell it. Mould can begin to smell after water damage, an ongoing leak or…

How Does Mould Grow?

We all know mould when we see it: a slimy, powdery or fuzzy growth that infests our food, tiles, clothing, walls and ceilings – but how does it grow and…