Air Conditioner Mould Removal, Cleaning & Sanitisation

Clean air is essential for a healthy home. Our specialised air conditioning services prevent grime build-up and remove any potential mould from your A/C unit. Ensuring your family is safe and breathing clean, uncontaminated air.
air conditioner mould removal

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Avoid the Risk of Mould Spores Blowing Throughout Your Home

Without regular cleaning & maintenance checks, your air-conditioner unit could end up blowing mould spores throughout the property. As certified air hygienists, our MouldMen technicians can remove all bacteria and mould, clean and sanitise your air conditioner. It’ll extend the lifetime of your air conditioning unit and end up saving you money on your next power bill.

air conditioner mould removalair conditioner mould removal
Why Australians Choose MouldMen

Since 2011, MouldMen have been dedicated to creating safer and healthier homes.

Have peace of mind with our highly trained, friendly technicians to target and remediate your mould problem and provide you with expert advice to help safeguard your home against mould returning. When you book with MouldMen, you get:

Same-day service:

Our technicians will treat and remove mould from your home, removing 99.99% of all mould spores and odours. And we finish the same day we start.

100% safe & environmentally friendly treatment:

Our treatment solution is non-irritant, water-soluble and naturally biodegrades in 48 hours. No need to worry about chemical lingering in your home.

Competitive, fair and transparent prices:

We provide clear recommendations with competitive, fair prices. No added bills down the line.

Friendly, local technicians:

A mould removal team coming into your home can be overwhelming, but not with MouldMen. Our local technicians are polite, presentable and professional, so you can feel safe and comfortable during your property inspection.

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At your convenience, one of our local technicians will inspect your home and A/C unit and provide you with a free comprehensive report. Our findings will include the cause of the mould, photos, moisture and humidity readings, mould spore analysis, recommendations for treatment and a transparent quote.

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Mould FAQ's

Want to know more? Here are some questions we hear every day.

Yes. When left untreated, mould will continue to spread throughout the home, severely disrupt air quality and be harmful to you and your family. Mould spores blowing through your air-conditioner unit may cause coughing, sneezing and wheezing as well as resulting in skin, throat, sinus and eye irritations. Children, elderly family members and those with allergies or compromised immune systems are particularly at risk of mould exposure.

Our technicians will come to your home at your earliest convenience and disassemble your air conditioning unit. We remove all plastic casing and filters in order to access your unit’s condensing coil. Then, we attach a water catchment bag to capture all water runoff into a fully enclosed wastewater reservoir.

We then apply our unique antimicrobial treatment solution before rinsing with fresh water using our specialised pressure clean. This sanitises the back of the unit, removing all mould, dust, grime and any other materials. Our treatment solution is 100% safe and effective, so you won’t be left with any lingering chemicals.

After we clean the interior of the unit, our technicians will clean all casings and filters and reassemble your air-conditioner. Your unit will work smoother and you can get back to enjoying clean, quality air around the home.

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Simply click the "book a free inspection” button below, fill out your details and we will arrange a convenient time for a qualified technician to complete a free inspection of your property. The result of the inspection will be outlined in a comprehensive report which will include detailed findings, images, moisture and humidity readings, treatment recommendations and a quote.
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