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MouldMen is South East Queensland's leading and most respected mould treatment company.

At MouldMen we believe that the Air Quality in your Home, Office or School should always be at its healthiest .

Our method of mould removal has been tested and proven as the most safe and effective available in Australia today. MouldMen is the preferred mould removal company used by home owners, real estate agents, commercial clients, schools, hospitals, insurance companies, and daycare centres .

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At MouldMen we believe family is everything. If you have mould issue resolve it now before it starts affecting your family's health! 

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We believe your staff are your biggest asset. If you have a mould issue it may result in a drop in  productivity. 

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We believe in protecting the landlords asset while providing a safe home for your tenants.

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Our treatment process

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Our technicians are fully trained to inspect, assess and advise on what is required to eliminate mould from your premises.  This includes conducting air and surface sampling which is then analysed by a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory.  These samples can provide mould spore counts and mould genus breakdown which are very important where no visible mould is found but a smell persists.


To eliminate all mould and mould spores we use a 2 part process.  Firstly, removing by hand, all mould from contaminated surfaces, including ceilings, walls, cornices, windows and doors etc.  To finish the job you must eliminate all airborne mould spores.  Fogging is the safe method of applying our unique chemical throughout the building using an electronic ULV cold-fogging machine.  By fogging the internal environment we are able to remove mould's ability to regrow quickly.  This process eradicates 99.998% of all mould spores and odours related to mould.  The chemical used bio-degrades within 48 hours and it is safe for occupants to re-enter premises just 3 hours after this treatment has been completed.

The MouldMen system is:

Safe - the safety of our people and our customers is paramount.

Effective - because we eliminate the mould and provide the solutions and advice you need to ensure mould does not return.

Affordable - our services are quoted per job not per hour.  This ensures you receive independent evaluation and pricing for your property.

Efficient - a complete treatment can be undertaken in a matter of hours, not days or weeks.  No need to vacate for an extended period of time.


Oh and one more thing...we don't use scare tactics!  There's no 'spore storms' coming in from the West! We've heard this one before but don't believe a word of it!    


We can treat and remove mould from a diverse range of buildings including:

-    Residential homes, apartment and unit buildings

-    Commercial buildings and Hospitals

-    Schools, Child Care Centres and Aged Care Facilities

-    Laboratories and Libraries

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Our Guarantee is to get the job done right, effectively and efficiently with a customised Mould Management Plan to stop the mould returning. 

The people and history of MouldMen

Our Founder and Managing Director 

Gerard Murtagh is 30 years old, married and has a beautiful daughter. Born and Bred in South East Queensland, his vision is to positively transform lives through the work of his companies. Gerard is passionate about making sure everyone that comes into contact with MouldMen has a great experience. Gerard is a member of The Entrepreneurs Organisation, is completing an Entrepreneurial Masters program at MIT Boston (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and has recently been named Number 9 in Smart Company’s Yearly “Young 30 under 30” list.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on honest reliable service and follow-up care. We put all our team through what we call the ‘mum test’. If Gerard wouldn't introduce a team member to his mum, we won’t send them into your home! That’s why all our team members are great people, not to mention clever and experienced!

We only employ team members that have a great attitude and are reliable. We are always looking for great people. If you feel you have a great attitude and want to be a part of a great team then give us a call. 

How MouldMen Started 

In 2011 the South East Queensland floods left the region with a huge clean up effort. Like many locals there was no hesitation from Gerard who got stuck in to help the people of Brisbane clean up. During that time it became clear that mould was going to be an issue and this prompted Gerard to research and find the best process to remediate mould.

Gerard travelled to New Orleans to learn from the people working to remediate the mould issue after Hurricane Katrina; and met with some of the brightest experts in the business of mould management and removal. Gerard returned with a system and product for mould removal that is second to none.

Since 2011 we have continued to grow and research ways to become the best Mould Removal service in South East Queensland.  


In the market…BUY, SELL, RENT

All homes in Australia need to be ‘safe and healthy’ to live in. If serious mould is present, a home is not deemed ‘safe’ which can result in costly issues for landlords and home-owners who are wanting to sell.

Your responsibility as a tenant

If you are renting a property, you are responsible for:

  • Keeping the property well ventilated by opening windows and curtains
  • Ensuring you use the exhaust fans where installed
  • Keeping the house tidy (dust and dirt free)
  • Reporting all maintenance requirements or possible mould growth to the real estate agent or directly to your landlord.

Your responsibility as a landlord

If you own a property that is leased to a tenant, you must:

  • Provide your tenant with a safe and healthy home (structurally and environmentally)
  • Make sure the home is well maintained
  • Make sure there are no moisture issues  

Our recommendations for landlords are:

  • Install exhaust fans in the bathrooms
  • Install security screens throughout the home to enable the home to be adequately ventilated
  • Keep trees and shrubs well trimmed and away from the home
  • Install Whirly Birds on the roof to help ventilate the roof cavity 
  • Ensure gutters and downpipes are in working order
  • Ensure Air Conditioning units are serviced and treated for mould
  • Schedule MouldMen to conduct an annual review of your home and issue a Mould Free Certificate guarantee  

Selling your property? 

Here’s a simple way to add value…call MouldMen for a Mould Free Clearance Certificate! 

We’ll review and treat your home, so you can add this to the list of features...North East aspect; Granite Bench Tops; Mould Free Clearance certificate!